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version 4.5.0
- Added honeypot element to 2-step form to prevent spam submissions
- Added honeypot element to checkout form to prevent spam submissions
- Fixed issue with MemberPress integration and customers losing access on a subscription products
- Changed Stripe subscriptions to pass "Failed" for a missed subscription payment to utilize Stripe's failed retries
- Fixed issue where recurring orders were not showing in orders section
- Changed Stripe's recurring products so if the same product is purchased they will be added to the Stripe product and not create a new product
- Beginning to create additional checkout styles
- Other minor changes to continue improving the plugin

Version 4.4.3
- Fixed free trial bug where credit card form did not appear on checkout
- Fixed PayPal error with PHP 8.1.6
- Updated MemberVault integration for SSO functionality
- Other minor changes to continue improving the plugin

version 4.4.2
- Fixing issue with LearnDash integration to be compatible with LearnDash version 4.5
- Fixing issue where customers aren't added to courses/memberships when using a 100% discount code
- Preparing Upsell Plugin to offer a second checkout layout using multiple shortcodes
- Making updated so Upsell Plugin is compatible with PHP 8.1
- Other minor changes to continue improving the plugin

version 4.4.1
- Fixing issue where plugin shows not updated to the latest version

version 4.4.0
- Added Thrive Automator integration
- Added subscription "Pay What You Want" feature
- Added conditional redirect logic for multiple order bumps
- Improved ways subscriptions are handled within plugin
- Fixed PHP warnings
- Improved UX for back-end dashboard
- Updated language translations
- Updated 3rd party plugins used within the plugin

version 3.3.5
- New Feature: Added folder structure to keep everything organized
- New Feature: Added the ability to use the 2-step checkout form for lead ge
- Fixed issue where order bump redirect URL still works when order bump disabled
- Fixed issue where recurring and trial payment fields still applies to PayPal and Stripe even when deactivated
- Added the the ability to remove order bump from list
- Added the ability to remove custom checkout page if applied.

version 3.3.4
- Speed improvements

version 3.3.3
- Fixed issue with LearnDash course being added to account when they don't create a new account on checkout

version 3.3.2
- Fixed issue forcing stripe API keys to update a product

version 3.3.1
- Fixed bug with PayPal button rendering on page load

version 3.3.0

- Added the ability to offfer quantities at checkout
- Added "Smart" order bump functionality
- Removed the need to install ACF plugin. It's now integrated with the Upsell PLugin
- Added "Products" column to the orders page
- Added translations for Arabic, German, Russian and Spanish
- Adjusted 2-step form to be full-width
- Moved license settings in its own tab
- Protected license key after activation
- Decommissioned customer session restore shortcode
- Minor grammatical changes

Version 3.2.1

- Added French translation
- Added Japanese translation

Version 3.2.0

- Added VAT validation
- Direct integration with WishList Member
- Added global shortcodes in the settings area
- Fixed issue with subscription billing timeframe not showing properly
- Fixed issue with 2-step checkout not pulling First Name and Last Name to checkout page

Version 3.1.2

- Fix to show the PayPal button - validator.validate(); (That checks the form is validated)

Version 3.1.1

- Fixed bug with credit card details not visible

Version 3.1.0

- Fix issue with GetResponse campaign entry so it doesn't require the "name" attribute
- Update to validate the price of product
- Add new method API for Customer for retrieving a user by its WordPress User ID
- Fix issue with WordPress user authentication
- Add a new method that clears the Upsell customer session when a WordPress user session is cleared
- Fix syntax format
- Fix issue with showing other payment options for PayPal
- Add a generation of shortcode for [upsell_checkout] in product edit page
- Add notice management for handling action messages to users for the frontend
- Fix issue with Stripe webhook
- Update to dynamically include the site's name on PayPal related transactions
- Fix issue for LearnDash course permissions for customers who have cancelled their subscriptions
- Update to make API methods to be chainable for Customer entity model
- Update to include payment icons for payment gateways in the checkout page
- Update to restyle default checkout page
- Add validation rules for billing address in checkout page
- Update UI/UX for checkout page
- Add cookie expiration for login when using the customer restore session form
- Add an option to render the Notice messages directly via a file
- Update to improve error handling for the checkout experience
- Fix issue for PayPal subscription for "Expired" event so it removes users from LearnDash course
- Update to utilize Stripe Element API for card element without breaking them apart as card number, card expiry date, and card CVC
- Update by improving the frontend JS for handling the checkout experience
- Add new elements for styling for order bump elements (headline and checkbox label)
- Update to remove the legacy Stripe card elements
- Update the logic to allow one-click upsell purchase for free products upon purchase checkout process
- Add a default country setting in Upsell Settings for checkout experience
- Update to always show the PayPal checkout button at all times
- Fix issue for expired session in Upsell when a WordPress user session is present (Logs them out from WordPress user session)
- Fix issue for coupon validation error even if there's no coupon code provided
- Fix issue for country and state validation upon initial load
- Add a checkout experience by scrolling the form up if there are checkout errors
- Remove redundant codes
- Created iDev Affiliate integration

Version 3.0.0 (MAJOR UPDATE)

Adding the ability to create coupons
Adding the ability to offer trial periods for subscriptions
Integration with Zapier
Adding the ability to capture sales tax during checkout
Adding languages folder with .POT file included
Added Hebrew .po and .mo language files
Updated checkout page layout
Fix issue with logic for displaying the PayPal button on checkout
Fix issue for PayPal Subscription Plan price when the value is empty
Fix issue with 'terms" alignment
Update the Orders shortcode template
Remove redundant code and redundant files
Add shortcodes for showing product name and product price
Update to store the customer's first name and last name for enlisting the customer in the campaign services
Fix issue for not storing the customers first name and last name
Update the line item for products on checkout
Fix issue with ConvertKit not pulling the latest lists
Update subscription interval labels
Add default tab
Add efficient loading for campaign lists
Add "Coupons" Module
Add "Taxes" Module
Add "Notes" Module
Update to load efficiently
Add "Commons" Module
Fix HTML semantic issue for text input field
Add "priority" argument for tab for sorting purposes
Remove redundant codes
Add event classes to Post related events
Update to utilize API methods
Add manual override for -price when formatting
Fix syntax format
Fix syntax formatting
Update to use item "total" attribute
Add user-authenticated endpoints for WordPress AJAX
Fix issue with ActiveCarnpaign not pulling the latest lists

Version 2.1.8

Fixed an issue when "purchasing" a free product the processing wheel would hang
Added a setting for the user to set when the Upsell Plugin cookie should expire for their website visitors

Version 2.1.7

Updated PayPal API to reflect subscription changes coming November 1st, 2019

Version 2.1.6

Fixed order bump order summary issue so order bump product is on its own line

Version 2.1.5

Updated stripe metadata and product purchase name in stripe

Version 2.1.4

Fixed checkout issue some customers were experiencing when it came to subscription products.
Updated stripe metadata.

Version 2.1.3

Fixed checkout shortcode issue not displaying correctly with some page builders.

Version 2.1.2

Added a better processing mechanism for a better user checkout experience
Added the ability to add header & footer code/scripts on a per product checkout page
If a user is refunded payment they will now be automatically removed from the LearnDash course, if applicable

Version 2.1.1

Added subscription "end dates" so subscription will automatically end, good for installment plans
Added LearnDash webhooks so customer is automatically removed from course if their subscription plan fails or cancelled.

Version 2.1.0

Integrated new Stripe API so plugin is SCA compatible
Added Terms of Service optional field to be displayed on checkout
Added customer meta data to be transferred back to stripe

Version 2.0.3

Fixing a PayPal live transaction conflict

Version 2.0.2

Preparing for SCA regulations

Version 2.0.1

Automatically log in user when creating a new course

Version 2.0.0


PayPal Integration
Ability to hide checkout fields not needed
Ability to customize text and colors of checkout fields/backgrounds/buttons
Ability to start a funnel offering a free ($0) product

Version 1.1.3
Pushing out update to Advanced Custom Fields Pro

Version 1.1.2
Updated field verbiage for better UX

Version 1.1.1
Fixed a bug with the checkout process
Updated Advanced Custom Fields plugin

Version 1.1.0
LearnDash 3.0 integration
Drip email marketing integration
MailerLite email marketing integration

Version 1.0.7
Added 2-Step checkout form with email integration
Fixed an issue with Upsell Plugin folder name changing on some hosted servers

Version 1.0.6
Fixed issue with checkout page not appearing correctly
Added a refresh option to the settings page for caching issues

Version 1.0.5
Added email integration on a per product level

  • ActiveCampaign

  • ConvertKit

  • GetResponse

  • MailChimp

Version 1.0.4
Fixed issue with editing checkout page

Version 1.0.3
Added the ability to create products that are charged on a subscription basis. (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly)
Added over 135 currencies so you can charge your customers in your native currency. List of currencies can be found here -

Version 1.0.2
Added the option for order bump functionality to choose if you want the check box checked or not checked by default.

Version 1.0.1
Added order bump feature to the plugin

Version 1.0.0
Initial release of the Upsell Plugin.


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